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    The Laura Flanders Show leads the field in new economy media, reporting on the social critics, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs who are building tomorrow’s world today. Since 2008, The Laura Flanders Show has reached 3.1 million viewers on YouTube (over 150,000 people every month). The program is syndicated in the US on KCET/LINKtv and Free Speech TV for a combined reach of some 74 million homes, and internationally, in English and Spanish on the pan-Latin American network teleSUR, reaching an additional 180 million homes around the world.

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    Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall

    Media Malpractice and the Election

    How responsible is the media for calling out a candidate's untruths? Has the media employed a double-standard in reporting on Hillary Clinton's candidacy? What role has gender played? How have different media shaped (and misshaped) the campaign? How has the ascent of social media altered the role of the traditional press? What lessons do we need to draw from media coverage of this election? What changes need to be considered? What is the role of media in a democracy?

    Join the conversation with a group of deeply engaged political and media analysts one week before the most important election of our lifetimes. Speakers include Joan WalshFarai Chideya, Rinku Sen, and Katha Pollit. Moderated by Laura Flanders with a special introduction by Katrina vanden Heuvel.

    Sponsored by The Nation and The New School.

    Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit

    WDN Connect 2016

    Just days after the 2016 general election, Women Donors Network will gather to reflect, analyze, and strategize in our efforts to build a more progressive and equitable future. We will also learn about Detroit, a city that is a case study for renewal and rebirth in the face of massive industrial restructuring, job loss, and environmental and education crises.

    Laura Flanders will be a special guest and speaker at WDN Connect 2016. Click see the full list of confirmed speakers and learn more about this year’s program, visit

    ms Oosterdam in Tampa, FL

    The Nation Cruise


    For the last 18 years, The Nation Cruises have presented many of America's top progressives and their ideas to our readership, while also helping raise money to support the publication of America's oldest weekly. Whether it's a panel discussion, one on one interview, a heated debate over dinner or late night get-togethers, The Nation Cruise provides ample opportunity to engage with progressive leaders and your fellow Nation readers to help you stay involved, connected and on top of what is taking place in our world.

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