Not all the best hosting is done by computers. Laura Flanders hosts very special conversations. With great guests, deftly moderated, Flanders gets to the meat of the matter without missing a beat and you come out with an event that’s fascinating, fun and makes for gripping watching at home, too. Risky Talking and The State of Female America are regular events-series produced and hosted by Flanders, and edited for TV by her company. If you would like to inquire about Laura speaking, moderating or producing your event, please send your inquiries to

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The Nation Cruise


For the last 18 years, The Nation Cruises have presented many of America's top progressives and their ideas to our readership, while also helping raise money to support the publication of America's oldest weekly. Whether it's a panel discussion, one on one interview, a heated debate over dinner or late night get-togethers, The Nation Cruise provides ample opportunity to engage with progressive leaders and your fellow Nation readers to help you stay involved, connected and on top of what is taking place in our world.

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